Company Profile

Glider Express Services Private Ltd was incorporated under the Companies act 1956 (no.1of 1956) and is registered with the Registrar of Companies Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh under Ministry of Company Affairs, Government of India vide CIN NO U64120PB2002PTC24971 DT 27TH Feb 2002.

Glider Express Services Pvt Ltd is based in Jalandhar city in the Punjab State of India. It is centrally located in the prime commercial area of the city. The Company owns an administrative office with a carpet area of more than 700 sq ft, which has an easy access for the clients, the necessary infrastructures of internet connectivity, telephonic lines and manpower etc to do the job professionally and efficiently. The company is promoted by Mr.Bakshinder Singh, the Managing Director. Mr. Bakshinder Singh has rich experience in the Service Industry, having worked as Area Manager, in Multinational Companies like TNT SKYPAK, PAFEX and enjoys an excellent reputation and proven track record of widely acclaimed services, over the period of time. The Managing Director's experience of over 18 years in service industry will be fully utilized to integrate the magical mix of efficiency and economy.

We intend to develop global network on the basis of tie-ups with likeminded institutions and organisations. Our experience and expertise to help the clients have the dual advantage of economy and efficiency. Economy would be promoted by cutting operational costs. We shall have our own track and trace systems where the clients will be able to monitor the progress of our services at any given point of time. It's a concept that will yield rich dividends for all concerned.

This company came into existence to provide excellent consultancy services in various fields. Being associated with the service industry since the last 18 years in international and domestic arena we have now ventured into the fields of overseas educational services.

Glider Express Services Private ltd, has plans of adding another product of Domestic and international Air Tickets. The Domestic and International tour packages would be added attractions for the esteemed clients. The work in this field has been initiated and we intend to give the most economical service oriented air tickets and travel packages. It may be noted that Mr. Bakshinder Singh, passed a IATA/UFTAA TRAVEL AGENTS MARKETING COURSE in March 2002 vide Client ID 047450IN, from IATA institute Montreal, Canada. This was undertaken with the view of being professionally aware of the changes that take place in the aviation sector in the world.

The enviable reputation of the promoters and the company calls for a lot of hard work and continuous research towards it's maintenance. Every effort will be made to treat our clients, business associates and tie up partners with all the respect and attention they richly deserve. We firmly believe that without their support, no company can achieve the targets of Global Expansion and the vision of DELIVERING SATISFACTION WORLDWIDE.

It will be our endeavor to ensure the timely remedies for any operational problem from our end. For this, the Managing Director will be available at anytime, be it midnight or afternoon. I know for sure that they always expect our service levels to be excellent in all spheres. To maintain and constant improvement of service levels would be our top priority and operational guidelines. That's the only way we can live up to our challenging motto of DELIVERING SATISFACTION WORLDWIDE.