The courier industry is no longer confined to delivering documents and small sample packages. With the passage of time, it has added so many products to it. These were necessary for the satisfaction of clients who wanted to concentrate on their productivity rather than on logistics requirements. The logistics were left to the safe and secure hands of professionals handling couriers. The client is aware of the shipment status as it can be tracked on the tracker. This gave rise to various products and courier industry took it as a challenge to fulfill the customars requirements and live up to their expectations. So it gave birth to the following

  • Couriers and Cargo
  • Moving Commercial Shipments, Handling and Clearing them with the help of CHA
  • Obtaining drawback papers from the government agencies and delivering the stamped papers to the consignors
  • Discovering various modes of transportations in domestic and international sectors like road, rail, air and sea freight
  • Delivering COD shipments– This is a method where the shipment is delivered after getting the COD amount demand draft favouring the consignor. This product is called Cash on Delivery
  • Expressions- This is the most economical product of wishing and greeting your near and dear ones on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, wedding ceremonies religious and social occasions. You just give us the details of the person and we do the rest on your behalf. This gesture has gone down very well with the consignees. They appreciate your presence despite you not being physically present. Along with the congratulatory note a small gift like chocolate box, sweets and greeting card .